System T

Glass wall
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System T glass wall

Product information

Mullion/transom construction

This combination is unique in the partition wall sector. The high-quality stylish optics of the System T in wood mullion/transom construction is achieved using the contrast between the wooden surfaces and flush-fit glazing. The substructure of laminated wood mullions has a visible width of just 35 mm. What makes System T so special is the flush-fit glazing, which is fitted using visible stainless steel clips. Wood – a carbon-neutral building material – emphasises the idea of sustainable architecture

Technical Data

  • Design: Wood mullion/transom construction with flush-fit glazing
  • Implementation: Double glazing 6 – 8 mm toughened glass/laminated glass
  • Element types: All-glass, toplight, balustrade, solid wall
  • Surface: Mullions veneered or painted as desired
  • Wall thickness: 100 mm
  • Doors: Solid doors, all-glass doors, sliding doors
  • Accessories: Wooden absorbers, blinds, flow ducts

Sound insulation

Sound insulation: 41 – 44 dB

Fire protection



  • Excellent conversion capability and re-usability
  • High-grade materials which are extremely long-lasting
  • Easily separable materials (dismantling, recycling)
  • Materials can be recycled after use   
  • Harmless main material types: glass, aluminium, steel, wood-based materials
  • Building certificate: DGNB, LEED, BREEM; HafenCity

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Technical Data


Post-and-beam wall system, flush glazing system


Double glazing 6-8 mm toughened safety / laminated glass

Element types

Solid, balustrade, clerestory, fully-glazed


Posts veneered or coated

Wall thickness

100 mm

Section dimensions glass wall

35 mm

Sound insulation

Rw,P 41 - 44 dB


Hinge door with timber or aluminium door frames, sliding doors (ceiling and bottom controlled)



Special elements

Acoustic absorption elements, blinds, climate control elements

Modular grid joint Glass element
Ceiling connection Glass element
Wall connection Glass wall
Floor connection Glass element

Case studies


Partition system T

Technical Documentation

Overview partition walls

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