C2C LAB in Berlin

C2C LAB in Berlin is the first major architectural restoration fulfilling "cradle to cradle criteria", and can be experienced as a training centre and showroom in a practical way and as regards content. As a quality and innovation driver, with the LAB the cradle to cradle NGO has set new standards for healthy, recyclable innovations with a positive footprint. The C2C LAB brings C2C change makers together and accelerates the transition to a C2C future. It provides a range of workshops, lectures, podium discussions etc. for all age groups and all levels of prior knowledge. With the C2C LAB we are living the C2C school of thought and the design concept – starting from the first renovation in the world on the C2C basis and the furnishing of the rooms, to the topics at the events and then to the people we work with. The C2C LAB is a unique, flagship project and it stands for new ways of looking at the way we use resources and the use of regenerative energy.


The partition wall System 2000 eco from Strähle used in the restoration brings light into the rooms and at the same time ensures pleasant acoustics. With the first partition wall system made in Germany to receive the C2C certificate, we have for years now been pursuing sustainability and supporting the aims of recycling economy.




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